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New Shop Truck!   All it needed was an engine ;) 


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 Do oil additives really work?    Take a look at the video below.  We saw a demo of BG products and the results were pretty convincing!   The oil additives we use contain friction modifiers which create a sacrificial layer between moving parts.  Much like when you rub your hands together, as the metal surfaces come in contact with one another, there is heat generated by means of friction and pressure.  In reacting with the metal surfaces, additives produce a chemical (soap-like) film that acts as a barrier to reduce friction, wear, and metal scoring.     Mo


Cold weather windshield wiper tips.    If you park outside- Remember to lift your wipers up off the windshield before a snowfall or if your vehicle will be parked for sometime during freezing temperatures.   Attempting to operate your wipers with clunks of ice and snow attached to the arms,  can damage the wiper arms, motor, and/or  wiper transmission.

When you vehicle sits out in a snow or ice event-  you should also lift your wipers up off the windshield before turning them on.  Freezing temperatures can cause the wipers to become ice-bound and stick to the glass.

2000 Subaru Legacy Valve Job 


This Subaru was a tow in,  no-start.   No compression.  We suspected a broken timing belt,  and confirmed that with removal of the front timing cover.  As this is an Interference engine we also suspected valve damage-  but had to install a belt,  and re-check compression to confirm.   An expensive repair like this can be avoided by following the Manufacturer's recommended service intervals.